Stop and Smell the Roses!!!

If you have interest in helping improve and maintain the garden areas that surround the school, this is the way to permanently put your mark on the school. My name is Margarita Armington and I have been hard at work planting, watering, pruning and mulching as a volunteer for the Beautification Committee at Morristown High School for the past year. I am eager to recruit some volunteers to help me with the job because as gardeners know, to keep it all looking nice for now and in the future, many hands make light work! There are smaller or larger responsibilities depending on your time, and I can work with anyone who likes to get down and dirty! Remember, most of the year we are covered in snow or at least in the “off” season, so this is a committee that only requires warmer weather workers (which often includes the summer…when I really could use some help!) Let’s make the beauty on the inside (the kids, teachers and administrators) be reflected on the outside! You can contact me at home at 973 605 8374.

Margarita Armington