Stop and Smell the Roses!!!

The MHS HSA Beautification Committee has grown and flourished in the past year. We are 7 moms dedicated to beautifying the MHS campus with plantings, garbage pickup, identifying needed repairs and general landscaping work. We have coordinated with students to provide community service opportunities while having them become more aware of their surroundings. We have collaborated with environmental science students in a planter challenge project that now enhances our Senior door area. We have also teamed up with Mansions in May landscape architects to recycle their plants into our
gardens at the high school.
We hope everyone is enjoying all the new plants and improvements and we look forward to even more beautification projects this coming year!

Margarita Armington
Beautification Committee Chairwoman

The Football Team and the Beautification Committee

If you have interest in helping improve and maintain the garden areas that surround the school, this is the way to permanently put your mark on the school. Let’s make the beauty on the inside (the kids, teachers and administrators) be reflected on the outside! You can email me at Margarita Armington or home at 973 605 8374.